About The Handmade Kitchen Company

We specialise in genuinely handmade kitchens made in local workshops by local craftsmen. These kitchens can be made in any wood to any specification with solid dove tailed drawer boxes, mortise and tenoned in frame doors with solid butt hinges. They can be painted to any colour and are hand painted on site. The possibilities are endless and the ultimate aim is to provide you with a completely bespoke kitchen that is absolutely unique in every detail.

We also offer a bespoke kitchen range from carefully selected companies using doors and units that we buy in. This enables us to offer more contemporary ranges, such as high gloss finishes, and to offer kitchens designed and fitted to the same high standards and with the same attention to detail as our handmade kitchens but at a lower price. We often mix some handmade pieces with some bought in to maximise the impact and keep the price down.

It is reassuring to know that whatever your design preference or budget the same designer, with 30 years experience, will design your kitchen and the same craftsmen that fit our handmade kitchens fit all our kitchens.